1. In other words, how is Christ the Word touching his own experience, his own life? Lectio Divina. 7. Thank you for following our Lectio Divina. Vangelo in briciole; Lectio Divina; Centri di ascolto; Catechesi. Jesus Christ is the Soul Shepherd and we assist in his ministry to pastors, pastors’ spouses, and other ministry leaders. Catechesi dei giovani; Catechesi di iniziazione cristiana; Gruppo famiglia: “Abramo e Sara” Azione cattolica; Gruppo di animazione culturale. So it’s appropriate for you to share your personal concerns and prayers during the Lectio Divina process, as long as you discern that this will not only be helpful for you, but also for the group members. La Lectio Divina è una lettura riflessiva e di ascolto orante, da soli o in gruppo, di un passo della Bibbia, accolta come Parola di Dio, sotto la guida dello Spirito Santo. Sharing aloud: [A word or phrase that has attracted each person]. Gli argomenti si fissano di volta in volta. It’s easy to use and inexpensive! Was there a turning point or shift? I componenti si riuniscono una volta la settimana per leggere, condividere e approfondire i passi della liturgia domenicale. Ironically, wonderful insights often come when we abandon pursuing them and instead focus on being in God’s presence together and listening to the Word. This article features simple, step-by-step instructions on how to lead a Lectio Divina group. Oggi si intende come “lettura credente” – vera sosta riflessiva e ascolto orante, da soli o in gruppo – di un passo della Bibbia, accolta come Parola di Dio. Interact with God as you would with one who you know loves and accepts you. A summary of this method for group lectio divina is appended at the end of this article. Vol.1. IN THE ancient tradition lectio divina was understood as being one of the most important ways in which Christians experience God in creation. Our own personal story becomes “salvation history.”. In Western Christianity Lectio Divina is a traditional monastic practice of scriptural reading, meditation and prayer intended to promote communion with God and to increase the knowledge of God's word. Practice and contemplation were understood as the two poles of our underlying, ongoing spiritual rhythm: a gentle oscillation back and forth between spiritual “activity” with regard to God and “receptivity.”. Reflect on “I believe that God wants me to . 98-110; and in (2) An Invitation to Centering Prayer with and Introduction to Lectio Divina, by Basil Pennington and Luke Dysinger (Liguori/Triumph, 2001). The same text from the Scriptures is read out three times, followed each time by a period of silence and an opportunity for each member of the group to share the fruit of her or his lectio. If not, you can read my article “Lectio Divina Groups”  to learn more about this discipline and how it can be helpful for small groups. Our approach to Lectio Divina is adapted from the Benedictine monks at Saint Andrews Abbey in Valyermo, CA. Per la prima volta (D) Accepting Christ's Embrace; Silent Presence to the Lord, (E) Sharing our Lectio Experience with Each Other, 6. THEN, SPEAK to God. An approach that has been used at workshops at St. Andrew's Priory is detailed at the end of this article. Le lectio del 2016-2017. Lectio Divina Ogni lunedì dalle 21 alle 22 Il nostro gruppo di Lectio Divina, composto prevalentemente da giovani adulti lavoratori, si riunisce ogni lunedì sera insieme a don Victor per pregare, riflettere, e meditare con la Sacra Scrittura. We experience God in a gentle oscillation back and forth between spiritual activity and receptivity, in the movement from practice into contemplation and back again into spiritual practice. Lectio Divina dicembre 2020 . Il Gruppo Lectio è composto da giovani e adulti che hanno scelto di crescere nella fede attraverso l'ascolto della Parola. “Growing Deeper in God’s Word” is a Lectio Divina resource from Soul Shepherding to revitalize your personal devotions in the Bible and your small group! PLACE YOURSELF in a comfortable position and allow yourself to become silent. Gruppo Crescita. FOR THOSE who are new to the practice of lectio divina a group experience of “lectio on life” can provide a helpful introduction. 2. Scopri i libri della collana Lectio divina per ogni giorno dell'anno edita da Queriniana in vendita a prezzi scontati su IBS! Le lectio del 2014-2015. Second reading of same passage by another person. L' animatore sarà un frate della comunità. today/this week.”, 9. THIS FORM of lectio divina works best in a group of between four and eight people. We thus allow ourselves the joy of experiencing Christ reaching out to us through our own memories. It is not necessary to anxiously assess the quality of one's lectio divina as if one were “performing” or seeking some goal: lectio divina has no goal other than that of being in the presence of God by praying the Scriptures. Le lectio del 2012-2013. 128 likes. b) Notice where the greatest energy seemed to be evoked. A Lectio group is not a Bible study, which tends to focus on cognitive learning and people sharing their ideas and opinions about Scripture. The amount of time we spend in any aspect of lectio divina, whether it be rumination, consecration or contemplation depends on God's Spirit, not on us. Martedì 1 dicembre 2020 3 Mercoledì 2 dicembre 2020 4 Giovedì 3 dicembre 2020 6 Venerdì 4 dicembre 2020 7 ... Mi metto al posto della gente: mi considero appartenente al gruppo dei piccoli o dei dottori? c) In what ways did God seem to be present? NEXT TAKE the word or phrase into yourself. You’ll want to customize your instructions to your group’s context, spiritual tradition, and maturity. 3. Luke Dysinger, O.S.B. Reflect on “Where does the content of this reading touch my life today?”, 6. For some the practice known as “centering prayer” makes a good, brief introduction to lectio divina. Ordinarily this practice is confined to the slow perusal of sacred Scripture, both the Old and New Testaments. Lectio divina decanale 15 La cresima degli adulti 15 Progetto India: suor Mariacielo ringrazia 16 - 17 27 ottobre: celebrazione ... il percorso nel gruppo preadolescenti. We feel it’s helpful to let those disciplines remain more separate and to keep Lectio Divina in the Benedictine tradition of heart-engaging listening, quiet prayer, and personal sharing. Experience yourself as the priest that you are. In this oratio, this consecration-prayer, we allow our real selves to be touched and changed by the word of God. Le lectio del 2013-2014. LaLectio Divina è un modo tradizionale di pregare la Sacra Scrittura così che laParola di Dio possa penetrare i cuori ed essere in grado di crescere in unarelazione intima col Signore. Each person quiets the body and mind: relax, sit comfortably but alert, close eyes, attune to breathing... 2. LECTIO DIVINA teaches us about the God who truly loves us. OUR OWN lives are fit matter for lectio divina. How are the various members of the group seeing or hearing Christ reach out to them through the text? HOWEVER, UNLIKE scriptural lectio divina shared in community, this group lectio on life contains more silence than sharing. È un modo molto semplice di pregare, sviluppato epraticato dai primi monaci. [Be especially aware of what is shared by the person to your right.]. With yo… Do not be afraid of “distractions.” Memories or thoughts are simply parts of yourself which, when they rise up during lectio divina, are asking to be given to God along with the rest of your inner self. No one who has ever been in love needs to be reminded that there are moments in loving relationships when words are unnecessary. So the vision of a Lectio Divina Group is to offer compassion and pray for one another and to become more like Jesus by being with him in a community and listening to Scripture with our hearts. Lectio Divina WHEN IN DOUBT Meditating and praying with Scripture using the ancient practice of lectio divina Listen Now Looking for a specific text? In lectio divina we dare to believe that our loving Father continues to extend His embrace to us today. HOW DIFFERENT this ancient understanding is from our modern approach! Third reading by still another person. This way you can absorb the purpose, pacing, and feel of it. The way to lead a Lectio Divina Group is as an assistant to the Lord Jesus, seeking to draw everyone’s attention to him and what he’s saying and doing. • In an alternate method, the passage is read four times, with silence between each reading. 2. Many Christians use in their daily lectio divina one of the readings from the Eucharistic liturgy for the day; others prefer to slowly work through a particular book of the Bible. After all, the Scriptures are part of creation! I’d suggest 30 minutes to read, reflect, and respond to the Holy Spirit’s promptings in Lectio Divina. IF WE are to practice lectio divina effectively, we must travel back in time to an understanding that today is in danger of being almost completely lost. Savor each portion of the reading, constantly listening for the “still, small voice” of a word or phrase that somehow says, “I am for you today.” Do not expect lightening or ecstasies. Messaggero, Padova 2001. Se vuoi partecipare…vieni al mercoledì in parrocchia, dopo la Messa delle 18.30 ci ritroviamo nella sala multimediale. Un Venerdi' al mese, dalle 20:30 alle 21:30. It was first published in the Spring, 1990 (vol.1, no.1) edition of Valyermo Benedictine. Experience God using the word or phrase that He has given you as a means of blessing, of transforming the ideas and memories, which your pondering on His word has awakened. Use whatever method is best for you and allow yourself to enjoy silence for a few moments. Since the experiences we choose to “read” or “listen to” may be intensely personal, it is important in this group exercise to safeguard privacy by making sharing completely optional. First a passage … In the Christian past the words action (or practice, from the Greek praktikos) and contemplation did not describe different kinds of Christians engaging (or not engaging) in different forms of prayer and apostolates. FINALLY, SIMPLY rest in God's embrace. The lectio process is designed to help you as the leader to get out of the way and to direct everyone’s attention to the word and Spirit of Christ, as they are manifested in the content of the Bible text andin the process of meditating and praying on it. IN BRIEF, one begins with restful silence, then gently reviews the events of a given period of time. Lectio divina teaches us to savor and delight in all the different flavors of God's presence, whether they be active or receptive modes of experiencing Him. Wordless, quiet rest in the presence of the One Who loves us has a name in the Christian tradition - contemplatio, contemplation. a) Recollect the setting, sensory details, sequence of events, etc. Mi metto al posto di Gesù: quale è la radice della mia allegria? Sharing aloud: [A word or phrase that has attracted each person]. La lectio divina consiste nella lettura riflessiva, colta e personale della sacra Scrittura in spirito di preghiera e di fede con cui si vuole assimilare la Parola di Dio. Each ponders the word that has touched the heart and asks where the word or phrase touches his or her life that day. It has subsequently been reprinted as (1) “Appendix 2” in The Art and Vocation of Caring for People in Pain by Karl A. Schultz (Paulist Press, 1993), pp. After the fourth reading, the members of the group are invited to repeat a word or phrase from the passage that resonated for them. V Domenica Tempo di Quaresima – Anno A – Unità pastorale “Emmaus”, 29 marzo 2020 La Parola di Dio edifica la comunità « Se crederai, vedrai la gloria di Dio » Fermarsi alla presenza di Dio (Statio) Antifona iniziale (intro): Fammi giustizia, o Dio, e difendi la mia causa contro gente senza pietà; salvami dall’uomo ingiusto e malvagio, perché tu sei il mio Dio e la mia difesa. To what extent was I aware then? In this way, Bible study, imaginative Ignatian meditation, and Lectio Divina are each preserved as somewhat distinct and complementary disciplines/traditions. Your deeper needs, brokenness, or sin struggles are best shared with your confidantes. In lectio divina we discover that there is no place in our hearts, no interior corner or closet that cannot be opened and offered to God. A simple statement of one or a few words. Now? People will share as their level of trust increases. 10. Instead, the learning comes through the experience of quiet Scripture meditation and prayer in the community. Sharing aloud: at somewhat greater length the results of each one's reflection. Give to God what you have found within your heart. The Holy Spirit inspired the writing of our sacred Scriptures and he inspires proper reading/listening to it. Dal Vangelo secondo Marco Mc 1, 21-28. IBS.it, da 21 anni la tua libreria online Confezione regalo La lectio divina ha chiare radici bibliche e un lungo esercizio monastico. 4. The Lectio process is designed to help you as the leader to get out of the way and to direct everyone’s attention to the word and Spirit of Christ, as they are manifested in the content of the Bible text and in the process of meditating and praying on it. This is an example of how we learn more from personal experience than we do from receiving teaching or discussing opinions. Il Vangelo di ogni giorno - Lectio Divina - Preghiere personali. We can attend “with the ear of our hearts” to our own memories, listening for God's gentle presence in the events of our lives. IN THE early monastic tradition contemplation was understood in two ways. In just the same way the steps or stages of lectio divina represent an oscillation back and forth between these spiritual poles. … The way to lead a Lectio Divina Group is as an assistant to the Lord Jesus, seeking to draw everyone’s attention to him and what he’s saying and doing. Silence for 1-2 minutes. It makes no difference which text is chosen, as long as one has no set goal of “covering” a certain amount of text: the amount of text “covered” is in God's hands, not yours. Also, Lectio is not a support group in which people share their personal needs and pray for each other. Each hears and silently repeats a word or phrase that attracts. Rejoice in the knowledge that God is with you in both words and silence, in spiritual activity and inner receptivity. The rule of thumb on vulnerability in self-disclosure from a leader is: Don’t share anything that is mostly unresolved for you or that you feel ashamed about but only share things in which you’ve experienced some grace and learning. In questa nostra piccola e artigianale officina dell’ascolto e della parola abbiamo già letto assieme a un variegato gruppo di laici il libro dell’ Esodo , La prima lettera di san Pietro , … . IN ANCIENT times contemplation was not regarded as a goal to be achieved through some method of prayer, but was simply accepted with gratitude as God's recurring gift. All share briefly (or remain in continuing silence). 5. With your heart is set on the risen Christ present in the group to lead then you are freed up to serve as a “participant leader.” You’re the human leader of the group, but you’re also a participant in the group. Una parrocchia che accompagna con la lectio divina il cammino spirituale dei battezzati, sarà una comunità feconda nell’annuncio del Vangelo e capace di resistere all’individualismo e al protagonismo personale e di gruppo. Con la guida dello Spirito Santo, nell'esperienza di meditazione e silenzio, di contemplazione e condivisione, la Parola diventa sorgente … Like the experience of lectio divina shared in community, this group experience of lectio on life can foster relationships in community and enable personal experiences to be consecrated - offered to Christ - in a concrete way. PRACTICE - spiritual “activity” - referred in ancient times to our active cooperation with God's grace in rooting out vices and allowing the virtues to flourish. IN CONTEMPLATION we cease from interior spiritual doing and learn simply to be, that is to rest in the presence of our loving Father.